Camilla’s Pride Jacqueline

Camilla’s Pride Jacqueline — кошка лилового окраса. Без остаточного рисунка. 

  • Born: 03.09.2021
  • BRI c
  • Blood type:  A or  AB
  • B/b1 — Full color. The cat is a carrier of cinnamon
  • L/l –Cat has short hair and carries one copy of a long hair mutation (one copy of the FGF5 gene carry
    the c.475 A>C mutation). The hair length of the offspring depends on the genotype of the mate.
  • Feline ADPKD test N/N – Cat is homozygous for a normal type (i.e. carry two normal copies of the PKD1 gene).
  • FeLV, FIV– neg­a­tive